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Hello, you have reached ehuna.org, Emmanuel Huna's personal home page. I created this site back in '96 to show a few pictures to friends and family. Over the years I've added a few pages to distribute my freeware applications, show my resume or organize my soccer team.

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  • I have created a new website, "The Lazy Bastard Comic Blog". It's a collection of funny pictures, videos and links that I have collected. Check it out at http://lazybastard.ehuna.org.

  • You may download The Changer v1.0, v2.0 or v3.0. The Changer will change your Windows 95/98/Me opening screen every time you reboot. It's free!

  • You may also read a few book reviews or search for a book CD yourself.

  • You may see personnal information about myself that includes a short life story and a personal photo album

  • You may check out my resume

  • You may check pictures of the Thinklink soccer team. Some of my ex-coworkers and friends play indoor co-ed soccer once a week, check out how good we look.

That's all folks, if you have any questions/suggestions, don't be shy and send me an email or sign my guestbook.

"Nietzsche is dead"
- God

Janelle, my girlfriend and I

Scuba and Elsa, our puppies

The sky between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Parati, a Brazilian town

We'll go forward from this moment

Written by Leonard Pitts Jr., columnist

In this moment of airless shock when hot tears sting disbelieving eyes, the only thing I can find to say, the only words that seem to fit, must be addressed to the unknown author of this suffering.

You monster. You beast. You unspeakable bastard.

What lessons did you hope to teach us by your cowardly attack on our World Trade Center, our Pentagon, on us? What was it you hoped we'd learn? Whatever it was, please know that you've failed.

  • Did you want us to respect your cause? You just damned your cause!

  • Did you want to tear us apart? You just brought us together!

  • Did you want to make us fear? You just steeled our resolve!

Let me tell you a little something about my people.

We are a vast and quarrelsome family, a family rent by racial, cultural, political and class division. We're frivolous, yes, capable of expending tremendous energy on pop culture minutiae, a singers revealing dress, a ball team's misfortune, a cartoon mouse. We're wealthy too, spoiled by the ready availability of trinkets and material goods, and maybe because of that, we walk through life with a certain sense of blithe entitlement.

We are fundamentally decent, though --- peace loving and compassionate. We struggle to know the right thing to do. And, we are, the overwhelming majority of us, people of faith, believers in a just and loving God.

You see, there is steel beneath this velvet. That aspect is seldom understood by people like you. On this day our families bickering is put on hold. As Americans we will weep, as Americans we will mourn, and as Americans we will rise in defense of all that we cherish.

Still, I wonder what it was you hoped to teach us? It occurs to me that maybe you just wanted us to know the depths of your hatred. If that's the case, we've received your message. Take this message from us in exchange:

  • You don't know my people.
  • You don't know what we're about.
  • You don't know what you've just started...
But, you're about to learn!

Written by Leonard Pitts Jr., columnist


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