Free Program
Windows 95/98/Me Boot Screen Changer

The Changer is freeware and is available for downloading.

1) This program is for Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me only.
2) Versions 1.0, 2.0 and '3.0 small' of this program are completely free.
3) Tell your friends about this program and distribute it (versions 1.0, 2.0 and '3.0 small').

What is The Changer ?

The Changer is a very simple program I wrote.

I got the idea for the Changer from a pack called "Replacement Windows 95 Logos" by Brad Spencer , Bilbo on IRC and Dave Whiting , BaRReL on IRC.

In their original pack they included many BMPs (images) and explained how to change the Windows 95 boot screen manually . I went a step further and here's The Changer. I also copied some of their documentation.


Sick of the stupid blue-sky, everything's perfect in Microsoftland Windows 95/98/Me boot screen yet? Well, we were, and we decided that we weren't going to take it anymore!

This is a collection of replacement logos for the Windows 95/98/Me boot screens.

The Changer will automatically change your boot screen so the next time you start your computer, you'll have a new image! Version 2.0 and up will also play a midi file every time your computer starts.

Version 1.0, 2.0 and '3.0 small' of the Changer are completely free. Version '3.0 full' costs $8.95 US to cover hosting costs.

You can also sign my guestbook if you liked the Changer or give me your email to receive updates.

Downloading the Changer

If you have a slow connection try the Changer v3.0 small first. It's only 949 Kb and will allow you to check out 12 boot screens and 8 midi files. If you like the Changer, come back for one of the full versions (version 3.0 is my favorite).

 Download time (56Kbps) 
 v3.0 Full 
 398 animated logos and 168 midi files 

 16.8 Mb 
 45 minutes (go get some coffee) 
 v3.0 Small 
 12 animated logos and 8 midi files 
 949 Kb 
 4 minutes (faster than you can say "Change my Windows boot screen!") 
 48 pictures of beautiful actresses (some are PG rated), and 168 midi songs 
 7.2 Mb 
 23 minutes 
 90 files I stole from a coworker (thanks Nimrod !) 
 5.5 Mb 
 16 minutes  
 In the ZIP version there's no setup included. Only one logo and one midi file are included. I don't have the time to help everybody out with the installation procedure but if you follow the following steps, everything should work  
 117 Kb 
 30 seconds 

Remark : I strongly suggest that you surf over to and download Yamaha's midi player and driver, they're great.

Installing Changer ZIP

1) Unzip the CHANG3.ZIP into a subdirectory, let's say c:\changer)
2) Add the following lines to your WIN.INI file (in your \WINDOWS directory) :


(or whatever the subdirectory is).
3) Add your own bitmaps and midi files, and edit the file CHANGER.INI
4) Place a shortcut to the file Chang02.exe in your Start Up folder (Right click on the Start button, Explore, Programs, Startup).
5) Backup your C:\LOGO.SYS logo if you want to keep it.
6) Boot your computer.


The installation is really simple : just run SETUP.EXE once you opened the ZIP file or run the self extract install utility CHANGxx.EXE where xx is the version number.

If you want to know what the boot screens look like, I left the .BMP extension on them for easier previewing. Just use MSPAINT, Paint Shop Pro or any other graphic application to look at them in c:\Program Files\Changer, or wherever the Changer was installed. Remember they look stretched to twice their normal hight and you might not see the animations.

Using custom images

For versions 2.0 and up you may configure the Changer to use your own images.

1) Copy your images to the subdirectory where the Changer was installed (generally c:\Program Files\Changer).

2) The images should be of the BMP type, 320x400, 256 colors, RGB (not RLE compressed).

3) Edit the CHANGER.INI file in the Changer's directory to change the number of pictures.
The CHANGER.INI file is pretty self explanatory, here's an example :
; Number of BMPs in Changer's directory
; Change this to 1 if you don't want to change the
; logo screen (c:\LOGO.SYS)
; If you want to include your own pictures, the files
; should be 320x400, 256 colors, and they should be of
; the BMP type (RGB and not RLE compressed).


; Number of MIDs in Changer's directory
; Change this to 1 if you don't want to hear the midi


;The Changer's window will close after the specified number of seconds
; The maximum number of seconds is 300
; The Midi will also stop then


; Remark
; If there was a problem with the setup just add these
; lines to your WIN.INI, where the MainPath is
; the path where The Changer is installed
;MainPath=C:\program files\changer

The Changer doesn't work.

If you run Stacker or anything like Stacker, your real boot drive probably isn't C:, so you have to put LOGO.SYS on the real boot drive.

Other crap

I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your computer as a result of doing anything I suggest with these files (or with any files or ideas or suggestions), no matter how stupid you are.

And no, I'm not going to type in capital letters, so screw off.

Who did this, and who can I yell at?

I am Emmanuel Huna. Yelling at me won't help... see "Other crap" :-)
Let me know if you like the Changer !

Release History

Chang3.exe and Chang3small.exe (Third version) : August 26, 1998
Chang02.exe (Second version) : March 24, 1997
Chang01.exe (First version) : September 9, 1996

How to restore your original Windows 95 Logo.

I got many requests from people that uninstalled the Changer and got "stuck" with the last Changer Image. If you wish to restore the original (ugly) Windows 95/98 logo, just delete the file C:\LOGO.SYS.

With version 3.0, the setup will backup and restore your original logo automatically.
And please, stop sending me messages about this ! ;-)

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